The team of walkers from Blackhurst Budd Solicitors successfully completed the Trek50 challenge last weekend and are well on course to beat their fundraising target.  Iain Blundell, Faye Harper, Janine Cato and Katy Shakeshaft walked 50miles across the Pennine hills on Saturday 21st June 2014 to raise money for MedEquip4Kids, the Children’s Health Charity.  The challenge was to complete that distance within a strict 24 hour time limit, meaning a 7am start on Saturday morning and no time for any sleep until they had finished the route!

The team found this a very difficult challenge and could not have completed the course without the assistance of their support team, Caron Bridson.  Caron was able to meet them at five checkpoints along the route and had her car packed full of spare socks, wet weather gear (thankfully not needed), torches, food and drinks.  The lunch stop in Hebden Bridge was a particular highlight, with a packed-lunch fit for a king enjoyed on the banks of the Hebden Beck stream.

As night time drew in, team morale was beginning to dip and feet were beginning to ache.  The team had covered over 30 miles but still had a substantial distance still to go.  Topped up with chocolate muffins and equipped with a head-torch each, the team headed out of Walsden and back uphill on to the moors.  This was a particularly difficult section of the walk as the team experienced the delights of walking in the dark, uphill, on very rough and uneven terrain.  The pace slowed significantly but the team plodded on.

The last leg was a short (only 6 miles!) downhill stretch back in to Littleborough and around Hollingworth Lake.  The sun had not yet risen (which meant the team was ahead of schedule) and the village was deserted.  Iain was now complaining bitterly about his sore feet, the team was tired and keen to reach the finish.  The finish line – at Littleborough Rugby Club – was a happy sight, with Caron cheering the team on and the smell of bacon frying in the distance.  

To everyone’s surprise, Blackhurst Budd were presented with a trophy as they crossed the line – the trophy for the fastest mixed team!   The official result had Blackhurst Budd finishing in ninth place (out of 30 teams) in a time of 21 hours and 9 minutes.  Wild celebrations followed (a beer, bacon butty and leg massage) and the team then headed home to bed.  Everyone had lived to tell the tale and, despite a quick visit to A&E for exhaustion and a trip to the aptly named NHS ‘walk-in centre’ for badly blistered feet, the team would be keen to take on such a challenge again (in the distant future).

Thanks to everyone who supported the Blackhurst Budd team and thanks on behalf of MedEquip4Kids for all the money raised for this great cause!  If you have not yet had a chance to sponsor the team, you can still do so at