Blackhurst Budd are proud to be supporting Rachel Howard with her Kilimanjaro trek, raising funds for the charity Anza.

Rachel, who has previously assisted at Blackhurst Budd, will be beginning the climb on the 22nd August and is due to reach the summit early on the 26th August. 

During the trek Rachel, along with a group of 10 students and local guides, will stay overnight in cabins placed along the trek path.  Following the trek she will be undertaking a volunteering project in a local town called Moshi on behalf of Anza, a charity that provides micro-financing in Tanzania which helps to develop local communities by providing small loans to grow businesses. 

Rachel has said “I became involved with the charity because two of my flatmates that I am currently living with in London undertook the trek and volunteering last year for the charity Anza. I was able to see their fantastic experiences on the trip and how much they enjoyed volunteering in Moshi. One of my flatmates is Vice-President of the King’s College London Anza Society and so I have full support for running events and coming up with fundraising ideas.”

“For the past year I have been Vice-President of a similar society that fundraises for a charity called Opportunity International that provides micro-financing in developing countries. I have been able to see how micro-financing does work in the developing world and I wanted to be involved on a larger scale with a similar charity. Having completed a walk for Multiple Sclerosis in November in London I wanted to do a trek or walk of some kind in summer and this trek seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

“I know the trek will be challenging and there will be many obstacles to overcome on the way and so I think the experience will build my strength of character and particularly my team-working skills! I also expect the volunteering project to give me a different perspective on commodities such as schools, waste management and hygiene and how many of the facilities we have can often be taken for granted.”

Rachel’s fundraising page is and there are more details about the charity Anza on their website at