We have launched a specialist company to deal with all fire safety issues -  www.firexact.co.uk

Firexact deals with all aspects of fire safety. They advise and assist those with fire risk management responsibilities for all types of businesses and premises to comply with the legislative requirements and ensure your premises are safe.

Firexact offer:

  • Fire Safety Law Advice
  • Legal Defence Advice
  • Legal Prosecution Advice
  • Fire Safety Assessments and Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Safety Consultancy Services & Advice, Company Fire Policy, Evacuation and Fire Alarm Strategies

Firexact is unique in that it combines the relevant specialist fire safety legal knowledge with expertise in the practical nature of fire safety compliance.

Firexact are impartial and independent experts, who will always endeavour to understand your situation and resources, and then work alongside you to ensure that their advice and guidance works best for you.

Firexact can assist in all aspects of fire safety such as Fire Risk Assessments, fire safety training of staff and all issues that fire safety enforcement officers are required to audit.

In particular they will advise you in relation to your legal position in the event that you are served with Enforcement or Prohibition Notices or if you have any form of control over premises for the purposes of fire safety, they are able to negotiate on your behalf, with Fire Authorities.

Warren Spencer is one of the country’s leading fire safety lawyers.  He has prosecuted and defended over 160 cases under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and is able to offer impartial professional expert legal advice in all aspects of fire safety enforcement.

Richard Stott is one of the UK’s leading Fire Safety Experts with over 30 years experience with the Fire and Rescue Service.  He has attended more than 2,500 incidents, at many of which he was the Incident Commander, and has investigated over 500 incidents.

This combination of expert legal and fire safety experience puts them in the unique position of being able to advise on all aspects of fire safety and if necessary represent you in Court in relation to all fire safety issues.

For more information on the services provided by Firexact please call
01253 629299 or visit www.firexact.co.uk