The Amicable Divorce is the stuff of legend – a split where two parties simply recognise that they are no longer meant to be together and so go their separate ways without emotional outbursts or recriminations. Of course, the reality of a marriage breakdown is often that this simply isn’t possible. There may have been hurtful infidelity, financial issues could create extra pressures and a divorcing couple may have different ideas about how children should be looked after once the papers have been signed. All this can create a less than amicable atmosphere during a split.

The divorce selfie

Evidence for this new trend towards avoiding the ‘blame game’ and trying instead to find a practical resolution to the need to split can be found all over social media. Yes, the ‘divorce selfie’ is the latest trend among couples headed for the skids. If you search on a platform like Instagram you’ll see a whole range of smiling couples looking like the best of friends – with the divorce courts in the background. Check underneath and slogans such as “this is how you stay friends thru the drama’ caption the photos. Some couples have even gone so far as to live tweet their divorce process and many photos are shared, from holding up the documents to the camera, to pointing to the wife’s ring finger – which is empty, of course.

Difficulties of a quick divorce

In the UK there are a limited number of ways to get divorced and the only quick way to do it is on the basis of adultery or unreasonable behaviour. This can lead to couples turning on each other to try to force one or the other to be the responsible (or guilty) party. However, the new Amicable Divorce idea encourages couples to sit down and work out whether one party really is to blame, which would make the quicker divorce possible. Alternatively, if the break is just a natural parting of the ways, couples can take the less accusatory route and opt for the two years separation that is required for a blame-free divorce.

Divorcing used to be an expensive, painful process that was exhausting for everyone involved and could be particularly damaging for children. However, as many couples who are now splitting up have proved, it doesn’t have to be like this as there is a friendlier and more cooperative way – whether or not you opt for the divorce selfie to prove it.

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