The Government has rejected the recommendation of the House of Commons Justice Committee that the increase in the divorce petition fee to £550 should be retracted.

In a response to the Committee's recommendations concerning court and tribunal fees, the Ministry of Justice said there was no evidence so far that the fee increase has led to a fall in applications for a divorce.

The fees were increased from £410 to £550 in March 2016, when the Ministry of Justice estimated the average cost to the courts in dealing with an uncontested application for a divorce was £270, with the increase fee representing over 200 per cent of the actual cost.

The MoJ believe that the new divorce fee will generate an estimated £12 million per annum in income, required to make sure that the courts and tribunals are properly funded, and that access to justice is protected.

“This is disappointing news, however assistance is still available for those who qualify under the fee remissions scheme, known as Help with Fees” said Caron Bridson, Solicitor at Blackhurst Budd.

“Blackpool residents have already been hit hard with legal aid cutbacks for many family law matters. We are working with clients to find alternative ways to assist them with divorce including fixed fees, and staged payments.”

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