A trust is a legal binding on an individual or company (the Trustee) to look after the assets within the trust in a particular way for the beneficiaries. A Trust Deed is the legal document containing details of the trust.

We can help with preparing trust deeds and appointing trustees, advising trustees on their role and responsibilities or acting as a professional trustee of your trust.

Trusts can be used to reduce tax, control the way a gift or inheritance is invested and potentially protect your assets should you need residential care.

The main types of trust are:

  • Bare trusts
  • Interest in possession trusts
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Accumulation trusts
  • Mixed trusts
  • Settlor-interested trusts
  • Non-resident trusts

We can provide advice on the most appropriate trusts to meet your objectives. To speak to Solicitor in Blackpool regarding a Trust please click here or call 01253 629 300.